A Day of Innovation


Engineering Innovation Workshop

Nurturing Innovation Mindset and Culture of Innovation

In the increasingly competitive world, innovation is no more limited to the research labs. Innovation Mindset is now essential to be successful in the modern life. The question is – Can creativity and innovation be nurtured or is it a nature’s gift just for a chosen few?


Engineering Innovation workshop is an interactive experience, designed to first help participants understand barriers to innovation; and then equip them with the systematic innovation tools to innovate. This workshop will enable participants to see challenges as growth opportunities and to find innovative solutions to complex problems.

Innovation Workshop Agenda


Part 1: Understanding the Need for Innovation

  • Activity based session to experience The Box in which we mentally live and limit our creativity

  • Understanding Innovation Nomenclature: Connecting the dots 

  • Building a case for Innovation Mindset and Culture of Innovation  


Part 2: Understanding Systematic Innovation Process

  • Activity based session to understand need for systematic innovation process

  • Learn Design Thinking and Functional Analysis process for systematic innovation


Part 3: Learning Interactively By Example

  • Group activity based session to solve an example to apply the learning

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