A Morning of Meditation


Engineering Mindfulness Workshop

When We Are Mindful, Nothing Changes but Everything Feels Difference

Now days we all have Mobiles; but what is missing is Smiles… 
When our phones show low battery, we run to recharge as if our life depended on them. But we often forget to recharge our inner-self. 

Get an inner-Recharge to rejuvenate your mind and body in just 120 min.

With the power of laughter, deep breathing, sound and body movements – experience in 120min what takes people an eternity: a blissful state of Mindfulness and living in NOW. This is the peak performance zone where you feel at your best.

Signup for a morning dedicated to fine tuning mind to its peak performance state. In this experiential program, you will learn some of the best meditation techniques from all over the world to rejuvenate and recharge your inner-self. 

Program Outcome

After Happiness Meditation session, individuals and organizations have experienced 
•    Substantial reduction in stress levels
•    Better ability to handle life’s challenges 
•    Enhanced positive mental attitude
•    Stronger personal bonding 
•    Elevated level of creativity and 
•    Enhanced productivity

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