A Night of Inspiration

An Infotainment Extravaganza to inspire a life of significance

Saturday 24th August, 2019

Muson Center, Lagos Island

Engineering Mindfulness with Laughter

Experiencing Your Peak Performance Zone
  • A high energy interactive session to experience

  • In just 60min of interactive session experience what takes people an eternity - A joyful state of thoughtlessness (for at least 15minutes)

  • Experience being in your peak performance zone

Engineering Happiness Keynote

Transforming Into Significance
  • Learn the root cause of motivation (Motive for all Action)

  • Understand 8 factors critical for living a meaningful life

  • Learn to create a personalised happiness blueprint to become your best possible self in personal, social and professional life

Two Guest Inspirational Speakers

Learning from People who have made a difference
  • Two local guest speakers with inspirational story of success and significance resulting in community impact

  • In future, those who got inspired by A Night of Inspiration and did something of significance would be invited as well

Cultural Showcase

Infotainment by people with Inspirational Performers
  • 'A Night of Inspiration' will also provide a platform to local artists with inspirational stories

  • Their performances (one individual and one group performance) will spice up the night and enhance the learning experience‚Äč

In Conversation with Dr. Arun

Live Conversation with an Inspiring Personality
  • A celebrity sharing his / her story of transforming into significance

  • Celebrity's principles and anecdotes to inspire a meaningful life

Invest on Happiness Today - Harvest a Happier Tomorrow !

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